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Tablerock Creek Heal Synergy Blend


In the past I had no problem reaching for the triple antibiotic ointment out of the first aid kit. I always had it readily available and used it regularly. Now, after lots of reading about the overuse of antibiotics and known carcinogen, petrolatum, in cosmetics and products like Neosporin® and Aquaphor®, I reach for our roller bottle Heal. It contains lavender, tea tree and fractionated coconut oil, all are antibacterial. While Lavender is also antiviral and tea tree is antifungal. Why our “normal” has gotten so far away from nature’s cures is a whole different story, but it has and we are on a mission to get back to the natural gifts God gave us.

At our house I don’t even have to tell the kids to get the Heal roller bottle. They can get it themselves and do this regularly. Any scratch, scrape, bruise, sting, pimple, rash, minor burn, or any other skin ailment is a reason to use Heal. A couple days of use and whatever was troubling them seems to be long forgotten. Sometimes my son would rather roll it on a Band-Aid first rather than directly on his skin and that works great as well.


Another terrific use for Heal is anything cold or respiratory related. The roller bottle can be applied directly on the throat or chest and rubbed in to help loosen mucous by relaxing the bronchiole passageways and aids the body in fighting anything viral or bacterial. We can also provide the Heal blend in a 5ml bottle to use in the diffuser for illnesses related to the respiratory system.

Right now I’m experimenting with Heal at night on my cuticles. My aunt recently cut her thumb pretty badly and noticed not only how fast her cut healed, but the cuticle on her thumb looked the healthiest out of all her others. I told her that I would need to try this as well, because even though I love to be pampered with manicures and pedicures I just can’t justify spending the time or money on them right now!


If you are interested in getting back to nature to cure your family’s ailments and ditch those petroleum-based products this is a simple solution. You can read about known carcinogens found in American products here , while these same products are banned in the European Union, Canada, China and other countries around the world! We can’t help but be excited to see other families ban the chemicals from their homes and would love to help you get started.

Dana, Essential Oils, Home Remedies

Why Roller Bottles?

True story: When I truly fell in love with essential oils this is what it looked like around my house. Random containers all over.

Tablerock Creek Reasons to use roller bottles

Eventually, I would forget which oils were in which cup and I would have to whip up a new batch of whatever it was that I needed. Roxanne experienced the same scenario. We knew there had to be a better and easier method. That’s when we started making our own roller bottles. They are fabulous! You can keep them in your purse, even your wallet. I always have one or two with me depending on the occasion and my own personal needs. They are a staple in my bathroom cabinet, medicine cabinet and bedside. I can’t go without using several different roller bottles everyday!

We are starting out with several different roller bottles for you to try. A few must haves such as: Rest, Rise and Heal. These are perfect for getting to sleep, waking up and bug bites, scrapes and scratches. We use these every, single, day. If you skip a few days you too will realize, “Oh no, I forgot to put on my oils.” And that is why I’m having trouble with x, y and/or z.

You will be able to find our immunity blend, Protect, in our fall basket which will also include: fall scented foaming hand soap, all-purpose cleaner and a bottle of our natural hand sanitizer. This is a great starter kit touching on all of our products.

Finally, we have a few other blends that we like to use. Steady Heart is our blend to create feelings of peace, Bright Mind helps us focus on getting things completed, Blessed Spirit is a true favorite of mine. It amplifies the feelings of joy already within each of us. My son woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, which is rare because he is always so happy. I asked him if he wanted a little happiness oil, which he did, he loves essential oils. Then we read the devotion of the day and he was back to his own happy self. I’m still amazed each time something like this happens. Inner Strength is another great roller to use when you need a boost of confidence. Even as an adult I have to deal with one person in my life who uses the tool of intimidation. I always apply Inner Strength regarding tasks that require any thought of this person. This and praying for them is what gets me through the fact that it even happens in the first place. Lastly, we have our grounding blend, Stability. Roxanne here, I use this blend a few different ways, if I am tired, overstimulated and feel pulled in too many directions, I will often use it as I would Bright Mind. Also similar to Steady Heart, Stability is calming and focusing and allows me to release when I feel overwhelmed with tasks (the mental load) and not emotions.

tablerock creek essential oil roller bottles

For the Christmas season we are working on a limited supply of holiday blends. Merry, Glow and Bright will be available at our open house on Shop Small Saturday. They would be a great presents for gift exchanges or  for moms who do not get stocking stuffers, you will need to buy yourself these, wrap them up and stuff your own stocking!

Ultimately the point of this post is to help you get started on your essential oil journey in a much easier and cleaner method than Roxanne and I started on ours! We can’t wait for you to try them and give us your feedback. We recommend keeping them in sight in the places you frequent often so that you remember to rub a little on the back of your wrists, neck, and behind your ears regularly. We can’t wait for you to experience a better life than you already have by adding these to your everyday routine!

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How I Lived With the Flu, Yet Never Caught It!

You might ask how anyone could live with the flu but not actually contract the flu. It’s almost impossible, I know, but even though I was a believer in essential oils before this event, I am absolutely a firm believer in them after this event.

I do have to start with the fact that I truly try to take extra care of myself during flu season. I limit sugar as much as possible, take immune boosting products such as: elderberry syrup, colloidal silver, probiotics and garlic. I drink lots of immune boosting hot teas and even limit the honey I add. My husband on the other hand doesn’t put in as much effort to protect his immune system and ended up with the flu. The whole family is working on him to cut out the pop!

tablerock creek beat-the-flu tea

So, when the test came back positive for the flu I started extra doses of everything immune boosting and immune protection oils. I was completely fine until my son came down with it. I could not stay away from him. I had to hold him, he had to sleep with me and that entails him breathing, coughing and sneezing directly on me. How does one avoid the flu virus now?!

To be completely honest I’m not sure I completely avoided it. There were 3-4 times that I actually felt like I was getting it. Body aches, chills, head hurting, but I slathered myself with immune boosting, anti-viral oils and I would feel completely fine! It actually felt miraculous! I don’t know how else to explain it. I feel like I was meant to have this experience so that I could share all that I am learning with others. I am a firm believer in the benefits these essential oils provide because I experience these benefits everyday, not just in this extreme case of the flu. I can’t wait to share all of our blends with all of you.

tablerock creek beat-the-flu bottles

You’ll be able to pick up our version of the traditional Four Thieves-recipe immunity blend among many others at one of our parties or online. We’ll also have the “flu shot” roller bottle available for our open house on Small Shop Saturday just in case the flu decides to stop by your house this year. And if you need an emergency bottle, call me and I’ll get it to you ASAP! Keep checking back for lots more exciting things to come!


It’s My Birthday!

Those of you close to me are probably amazed that I’m sharing this with the world. Well, I have a great reason! I feel inspired to celebrate this year to promote the business my sister, Roxanne, and I have started. When I’m making and using our products life is truly amazing. I feel like I’m on the path I’ve been given to make the world a little better place. I’m constantly seeking and searching ways to improve myself and my family’s health. There are a lot of people in my family that have been on this path for awhile, but when Roxanne and I decided to try to take what we have learned and try to help others live healthier lifestyles as well, Tablerock Creek was born!

Dana Birthday Bike

While we are just “breaking ground” and have many loose ends to tie, I can’t think of a better present to myself than to share our vision with all of you. If you are interested at all in making your tiny part of the world chemical free, go on this journey with us! Or if you just have known me in your lifetime and feel compelled to do an extremely nice gesture such as follow us, sign up for our newsletter, share our blog posts, etc. I won’t hold that against you! You never know, you might read something at some point that changes your mind about something you consistently use in your life and want to start making changes too. Whatever the reason we would love to have you be a part of it and we hope we can help people to truly live their best life!

Dana Birthday Hat

Oh, and we are going to be having giveaways, so you don’t want to miss those! If you do it just for free stuff, that works for us too!


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Meet Dana

Hi, I’m Dana (pronounced Danna) the other half of Table Rock Creek. I’m so excited to begin this adventure with my sister and anyone else who wants to join us. We have talked, dreamed, and schemed about this for many years, but have been inspired by several events in recent years that have caused us to take the plunge.

Meet Dana Blog 1

Without going into too much detail, I had a big life scare back in 2011. After being closer to death than life I consciously made many changes. My body wasn’t the same. I couldn’t tolerate a lot of foods. I was depleted mentally, physically, and emotionally and I had to put in a lot of effort to get back to myself. It took a long six months, but I felt great after taking such wonderful care of myself physically. This experience truly changed everything though. The way I look at life. The way I deal with frustration. The way I handle emotions. The way I see the world and how I want to make a conscious positive contribution to it. I don’t want to spend life complaining about everything. I don’t want to be tired every afternoon. I don’t want to be grouchy when I am tired. I think I have become much more in tune with my body and how it works. I can tell when I haven’t eaten well. I know what foods make me tired, grouchy, and just not the best version of myself. Yet sometimes, I still eat too much sugar. I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. I don’t drink enough water, but I’m slowly making changes regularly to stay on track and be the best person I can be, for myself and those around me too! I’ve added some great daily routines that have helped me from sun up to sundown and I hope I’m able to share some of this with you, so you can be the best version of yourself as well!

Meet Dana 2

We’ve recently had conversations with our extended family and have realized that many of them have a history of ailments that has caused all of us to turn to a healthier lifestyle. So many of us have sensitivities to over the counter medications, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, etc. that have caused us to question what we consume and apply to our bodies. We are on a mission to keep ourselves, friends and families safe by offering information about things we have learned through the many years of research and trial and error. We also plan to be using and providing products of our own that are truly “goods for living”, not just existing.

We would love to help you make the transition to a healthier lifestyle as easy as possible, as well as hold ourselves accountable to continue on the path to a chemical free life. I have heard many times, “Well, we’re all going to die anyway. I may as well enjoy it.” But as I mentioned above, we’re all about truly living the best life we can, so that we are not just existing, but absolutely LIVING!